Trainings and Groups

John leads trainings and groups throughout Denver locally and nationally. He provides trainings, classes and workshops to private and corporate clients.

Some of the companies he has worked with:

  • Gary Community Investments
  • Excel Energy
  • Highlands Behavioral Health
  • Kindness Yoga
  • Fentress Architects
  • Jefferson County Mental Health

John’s Trainings include:

The Right Use of Power

The Right Use of Power is a dynamic relational approach to leadership and empowerment. The program teaches practical, inspirational and engaging practices that provide guidance for participants to use their power and influence in a positive and empowering way.

What are the outcomes of the program?

  • Personal awareness (beyond ethics)
  • An understanding of power roles
  • How to work with power differentials
  • Taking accountability
  • How to communicate effectively
  • Wise conflict resolution
  • An understanding of personal leadership style


  • Principles of Mindfulness
  • Application: in the workplace, in personal life, in relationships, for mental health
  • Benefits: in the workplace, in personal life, in relationships, for mental health

Process Groups

  • Building awareness
  • Understanding self both inter- and intra-personally
  • Learn new skills for working with self and others
  • Personal growth

Yoga Trainings

Somatics and Trauma Informed Yoga

  • What is somatics and how does it relate to yoga
  • How to build intra and inter-personal awareness
  • How to integrate somatics into life and classes
  • How to identify and attend to trauma in the room

Restorative Yoga Training

  • Introduction to restorative yoga
  • The nervous system, stress, and restorative yoga
  • How to incorporate restorative yoga into regular yoga classes


  • History of meditation
  • What is Meditation
  • How to build a core practice
  • How to support a core practice in a practical and useful way

Trainings are tailored to requests and can run from 4 hours to weekly programs spanning a few days to a few months. John’s experiential approach invites participants to practice the learning in real time.