Are You Struggling With Drug or Alcohol Abuse?

  • Do you want to or are currently trying to rebuild your life?
  • Do you need support getting or staying clean?
  • Perhaps you’ve suffered consequences related to your substance abuse, such as a DUI, incarceration or losing your job.
  • Have you been concealing your use from everyone around you, and harbor a fear of being found out? Or, perhaps your friends, family members, partner or spouse already know, and you’ve lost their trust and respect.
  • Has your physical health or emotional wellbeing taken a downturn, leaving you feeling persistently anxious or depressed and plotting how you’ll use again?
  • Do you wish you could better understand your impulse to use drugs and become better equipped to maintain sobriety?

vintage photo of man with bird shaped kitesLiving with alcohol, marijuana, opiate, heroin, amphetamine, methadone, sedative or another dependence can be a disturbing experience that can wreak havoc on every aspect of your life. What started out as casual fun or a prescription to manage pain can turn into a damaging routine that threatens the happy life you and your loved ones deserve. Maybe you want to stop or limit your use but don’t feel like you can because of social pressures. Or, perhaps drugs seem to be the only things that soothe heavy feelings of anxiety or depression. You may even feel unable to imagine another way to feel relaxed or at peace with yourself.

Many People Struggle With Substance Abuse

If you are struggling with drug and alcohol abuse, you are not alone. We all occasionally need to blow off steam and escape from the noise and stress of everyday life. However, if we escape too much or depend on harmful substances to cope, your problems can multiply. You may have already realized this, perhaps because you’ve received a DUI have been terminated from your job or even incarcerated. Or, you might sense that your relationships, wellbeing and life as you know it are threatened by drug and/or alcohol use. As cravings become increasingly frequent and overwhelming, you might need additional support from a substance abuse counselor to stay sober. Someone close to you may be concerned and encouraging you to seek out help. No matter where you are in the recovery process, help is available.

With easy access to alcohol and marijuana in the state of Colorado, controlling urges can be tough. As the ER visits for drug related deaths increase in our state, there is no better time than now to seek out drug addiction help. Everyone deserves to live a full healthy life. With the support of an experienced and compassionate drug and alcohol counselor, it’s possible to move positively in the direction of your goals.

Substance Abuse Counseling Can Help You Heal And Maintain Sobriety

Drug addiction counseling can be incredibly effective in addressing underlying mental health issues, such as anxiety, depression, family issues or past traumas that lead you to overuse drugs and/or alcohol. In a safe, non-judgmental environment, you can openly express your needs and desires and receive careful, compassionate and objective feedback from a professional drug and alcohol counselor who understands what you’re going through. 

girl holding out arms at beach dawnIf you are currently struggling with alcohol or substance use, we may discuss potential risks, your concerns and goals moving forward. If you’re clean, we may develop coping mechanisms and discuss ways to create and foster the life you want. Regardless of where you’re at, together we’ll work to uncover the root causes that are limiting you. Perhaps you’re already aware of some deep-seeded issues, such as a family history of alcoholism or drug abuse or your own experiences of anxiety, depression or trauma. As we discover the elements that cause and sustain your use, I will provide you with new, healthy coping strategies that allow you to manage and overcome troubling thoughts, emotions and body sensations without using.

Exercise or movement can be an important part of the process. Your diet can also dramatically affect neurochemicals that can increase or decrease cravings as well as help your body recover from substance abuse. Together, we can create a tailormade agenda of activities that can improve your overall health as well as integrate you back into your community and build your support system.

Practice is the key to recovery. You will have to practice new habits and skills in order to build a new life for yourself. Together, we can assess what you want and continue to build on your foundation of resources. The more support you have, the more likely you are to maintain sobriety and make healthy choices. As a certified addiction counselor, I can teach you to not only acutely recognize and cope with the emotional and physical triggers of drug use, but also set healthy boundaries and alleviate feelings of guilt, shame and isolation. Together, we can come up with a path forward that feeds your mind, body and spirit.

You may still have questions or concerns about substance abuse therapy…

You don’t understand what I’m going through.

I actually went through a period in my life where alcohol and drug use became a problem. Fortunately, I found the right support through drug and alcohol counseling where I received the insight and resources needed to break the negative cycle and build a new life filled with value and joy.

I am in a unique position of being able to offer clinical expertise and first-hand experience. I know what it’s like to go through withdrawal and continue to have cravings, as well as how to get through it. Several lifestyle management techniques have worked for me. And, I have over a decade of professional experience. Together, we can process underlying issues that contribute to your sustained use and practice new methods to help you overcome drug and alcohol abuse.

I’m afraid that sobriety will change my entire life.

With drug and alcohol abuse, it is common for people to have underlying struggles with chronic stress, anxiety, depression or trauma. Addressing these challenges can help you be your best self without the need to use.

I don’t feel comfortable talking to a stranger drug or alcohol use.

Let me assure you that your safety and comfortability will always be at the forefront of our work, and you determine the pace at which we progress. Some of the struggles you have may be very tender, and I don’t believe diving head on into your pain is always effective. Although this process will be uncomfortable at times, I will do my best to ensure you increase resilience and develop useful and healthy coping mechanisms.

Recovery Is Possible

man standing at the edge of a mountain top with arms wide openIf you seek drug or alcohol addiction help and live in the greater Denver metro area, I encourage you to call 720-295-8553 for a free 20-minute consultation. If you’re ready to schedule an appointment, please contact me. I’m happy to answer any remaining questions you have about substance abuse counseling or my practice in Denver, CO.