I addition to support for Anxiety, Depression, Couples, Substance Abuse and ADHA, I also offer services to treat:

Interpersonal Struggles
Chronic Pain
Chronic Stress
Career/Life Direction
Life Transitions
Spiritual Guidance
Personal Growth
Sports Performance

I work primarily with adult women and men, as well as high functioning teens.

Insurance and Payment

At this time I am a self-pay provider and do not take insurance, nor do I offer billing for insurance purposes. I do accept HSA payments. For those who need additional support, I offer a limited number of sliding scale options. I recognize the value of using your insurance for my services and I invite you to consider a few reasons why that may not be the best fit for you.


Intimate information about your life is available to insurance companies. I have had experiences where insurance companies “flag” the accounts of those who have had mental health care. I cannot say for sure what the purpose of such practice would be, but in the current atmosphere I encourage you to weigh the potential consequences of insurance companies having access to your private and personal mental health information.
Diagnosis: To seek reimbursement through insurance companies clinicians must provide a diagnosis, even if one has not been determined. That diagnosis may follow you through your life. Even if it has been resolved, it might cause some bumps in the road over time. It could become a factor if you decide to change insurance companies or acquire life insurance.

Initial Session

**Our first session is time for us to get to know each other better, and to gain more clarity around our work together. Once we have a good idea of your purpose we can discuss more about how we might proceed. I suggest, but do not require, my clients commit to 8-10 sessions. At the conclusion we will revisit goals, assess progress and decide how to move forward. During this period of time it is normal to refine the purpose of your visits, as well as change direction to some degree, but I find that 8-10 sessions gives us a good amount of time to get some work done.

Scheduling and Policies

I try to be as flexible as possible when scheduling clients. I can usually see you within a week or two depending on your own availability and desire. I offer limited time on Saturdays and accommodations for emergency sessions.

Session length is 50 minutes and may go a few minutes longer at no cost. Some times we are reaching the end of a session and both of us agree it would be helpful to extend the session. When this happens I simply pro-rate the charge based on how long the sessions goes over.
Cancelations are to be made no later than 24 hours in advance, unless there has been an emergency situation. Cancelations less than 24 hours ahead of time or no shows will incur the full session fee. Part of the therapeutic process involves accountability and commitment, on both of our parts. Sometimes clients do not want to be in therapy or believe they have nothing to work on that day. In my experience this can be the best time to make significant process. It is important to show up no matter what.

There are times when clients may contact me via phone for various reasons. Phone calls that exceed 10 minutes will be charged at a minimum rate of .5 hours and will incur our agreed upon office rate.