John Sander Profile Pic Grey ShirtAbout Me

I became a therapist and a coach to help people navigate the struggles inherent in being human. Given my training and personal experience, I am uniquely qualified to guide and empower you to lead the life that you desire and deserve.

My Training

I have been in the business of helping people for 10 years. My training and experience is diverse, with an emphasis on neurobiology, neuroscience, attachment, mindfulness and somatic psychotherapy. I hold a masters degree in Counseling Psychology from The University of Colorado. I hold a bachelors degree in Philosophy with a focus on spirituality. I have accrued thousands of hours of training and experience in therapeutic modalities that allow me to meet your unique needs with compassion, non-judgment and skill. I believe in the importance of an integrative approach and supporting you as a whole person. In addition to my training as a psychotherapist, I hold two certifications in yoga and one as a personal trainer. I have extensive knowledge of nutrition and understand its importance in emotional and physical wellbeing.

My Background

I strongly suggest clients choose a therapist who not only has significant training and work experience, but also has done a considerable amount of work on themselves and who is willing to share those struggles with others. We ask our clients to divulge difficult stories and participate in challenging work. It is imperative that we, as therapists, have participated in kind and can share as a way to support our clients.

Without the support and wisdom from those around me, I would not be where I am today. I am committed to returning the kindness and care I received from others. I derive great pleasure from watching people find more peace and direction in their lives. I believe the health and happiness of an individual directly affects the wellness of those around us, including our communities and the world as a whole. Our increased personal strength becomes a beacon.

My Journey

I have had my own share of personal struggles beginning as a young person. I grew up in a family where other people’s feelings were more important than my own. I learned a lot about other’s needs, but I did not learn a lot about mine or how to get them met. I see now that the distraction and restlessness I felt as a child was related to unmet needs. As a result, I experienced times where I felt anxious or down. Throughout my life, I managed this discomfort and found relief through art and music as well as competitive sports and outdoor activity.

As a young adult, I stayed active and creative, but never really got over some of the struggles I experienced early in life. I directed my energy towards entrepreneurship and running my own business. I worked hard and played hard. My lifestyle finally caught up to me. My body felt like it was falling apart; I was exhausted, unhappy and “stressed out.” My relationships suffered, and my self-esteem and confidence hit an all time low. I struggled with substance abuse for a while, but finally I managed to recover my sense of self and work diligently towards creating the life I desired.

At first, I focused my energy on recovering my physical health. I became a personal trainer, yoga and meditation teacher, and gained extensive knowledge in nutrition. While working with groups and individuals on their physical health, my clients began to ask for advice and help with overcoming high stress and other life challenges. As a result, I began offering life coaching. As a life coach, I realized that having more education and training would increase my ability to help people, so I pursued my current role as a psychotherapist.

In hindsight, I can see my life was a natural progression, with some divergences, leading me to my current role as a therapist and coach. I had always been a loyal friend who was the “go to” person for friends in need of support and advice. Fascinated by and drawn to understanding people and the way we live our lives, I received a bachelor’s degree in philosophy in 1994 with a focus on spirituality and culture.

My path to becoming a therapist has spanned 25 years. During that time, I worked diligently to build a strong sense of self, while also obtaining the training and skills to help you do the same. My life experience has been diverse, and it is this diversity I offer to you when you employ my services. I seek to create an environment and working relationship where you feel supported. I will hold myself and you accountable to goals you set, because goals can become obscured due to patterns you have developed to manage the situations that hold you back.