My Mission

I am committed to helping my clients develop a strong sense of self and personal direction. No matter what obstacles stand in your way, I will help you to build the skills and to develop a passion for leading the life you deserve. Life comes with a wide array of possibilities and outcomes. I will help you find your way!

* * *

Humans are born with an innate desire and ability to experience joy, to heal and to direct themselves towards the life that they desire and deserve. Our experiences shape our beliefs and direct our behaviors. This process starts very early in life. Your unique beliefs and behaviors have all been helpful at some point in your life and may continue to serve you in the present. Over time, some beliefs and behaviors lose their effectiveness, yet they continue to lead you in your daily life, both consciously and unconsciously. In effect, beliefs and behaviors that were once useful may now be inhibiting your ability to feel your natural joy and find direction.

Our Process Together

In our process together, we will seek to identify your beliefs and how they influence your choices and behaviors. We will determine their effectiveness and work to create a space for healing and for new improved beliefs and behaviors. You will gain a strong sense of self, skills to work with and a greater sense of purpose.

My approach is led by compassion and collaboration, and it is informed by discoveries in neuroscience, as well as other evidenced based practices.

My approach is also influenced by my own personal work, without which I would not be qualified to support your process and achieve your goals. There are a few guiding principles I abide by within the therapeutic process.

Awareness, Compassion, Acceptance and Choice

These are the guiding principles of my practice. To make changes, you must first become aware of what has led you to where you are and how it shows up in your daily life. During the discovery process, it is necessary to view yourself and your experiences through a compassionate lens and to accept those parts of yourself without judgment. It is normal to struggle with and judge the parts of your life that you are not happy with, but what we know from science and research is that acceptance and compassion are integral parts of moving towards a wide array of possibilities in your life. Some believe acceptance reinforces old habits or stories and builds complacency, but when practiced in a skillful way, acceptance prepares you to move on from the very beliefs and behaviors holding you back. It is not easy! It is a choice! The more you fight, the more you become entrenched in the parts of yourself that keeps you from the life you desire and deserve.

I do have a strong sense of what might help you, but your needs are important to me. As a therapist I will challenge you, but you are the greatest authority about your needs and what steps you want to take. I seek to respect your boundaries while encouraging your personal edge in order to promote insight, healing, growth and direction.

Full Spectrum Integrative Work

For those who desire to dive deeper into the full spectrum of services, I offer holistic, integrative coaching and planning that includes: nutrition, exercise, developing a spiritual framework, as well as doing the deeper psychological work that will help you maintain and support your goals and good intentions.