Ketamine Assisted Therapy Can Help You Find Relief and New Direction

Are feeling tired and worn out from dealing with the same issues over and over again, struggling to understand why or find relief? You may have been through therapy before, or tried medications without much success. You might get short-term relief through exercise, engaging in therapy and supportive relationships, however the same feelings, problems and challenges come up again and again. Have you felt frustrated, overwhelmed and down, wondering if there’s anything out there that can help you experience sustainable relief and increased overall wellbeing?

Maybe you’ve heard about ketamine and ketamine assisted therapy and the potential quick and sustainable results that people are having through this innovative treatment.

Understanding Ketamine And Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy


Once used mainly as an anesthetic, ketamine is now gaining traction in the medical and mental health fields. Scientific studies have demonstrated encouraging results as a treatment for many who suffer from treatment-resistant depression, as well as its potential to extend beyond depression treatment. Approved as an “off-label” drug for severe depression, ongoing studies suggest that ketamine has also been effective in treating trauma, PTSD, anxiety, suicidal ideation, bipolar depression, postpartum depression, chronic pain and OCD. Overall, significant numbers of positive outcomes have been reported. People who respond to ketamine report relief from mental, emotional and physical struggles.

As a potent drug that is regulated by the Drug Enforcement Agency as a Schedule III controlled substance, ketamine is only available by prescription from a medical provider. Ketamine is also approved for use by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which has conducted careful evaluations of the risks and benefits associated with its use. While the scientific data is not completely clear, researchers suggest ketamine may help grow new neural connections once diminished by chronic stress, leaving many people feeling relief.

Ketamine for depression has become popularized through infusion clinics. At infusion clinics, a patient is administered a low dose of ketamine via an IV drip. Symptoms can be relieved through this process alone, but the underlying issues that caused the symptoms may persist. Interested in providing the most advanced and effective care for their clients, researchers and professionals in the mental health field have studied the science and benefits related to ketamine. Some have begun integrating ketamine into their practices as an effective and alternative path for healing. We believe in the potential for more robust and sustained results of ketamine assisted psychotherapy that can come through a personalized approach and the support of a trusted mental health professional.

Ketamine Assisted Therapy Can Help You Take Your Healing To A Deeper Level

While ketamine administered without therapeutic assistance has helped mitigate symptoms associated with depression and other mental/emotional issues, as a skilled and experienced therapist, I can help you take this form of healing to a deeper level. The use of ketamine within a trusting therapeutic relationship can help you work through difficult experiences and behavior patterns, providing breakthroughs and healing that have felt out of reach. Many of the blocks preventing you from getting relief and moving beyond your struggles are often out of your awareness. Ketamine can help loosen the grips of what has a hold on you, allowing your mind and body to fully process and release what has held you back for so long. It can provide you with a well-deserved break from the constant weight and pressure of personal challenges. The addition of ketamine into our therapeutic work can potentially help you get to the root of problems more quickly and expedite your healing experience. This process helps to break down walls and break through blocks more swiftly and with greater ease, especially in clients who have routinely felt overwhelmed or really stalled and stuck in the past.

A Collaborative Approach To Healing

I’ll work intimately with you and your medical provider to determine the right treatment plan for your particular needs. You will have a medical assessment from my provider, as well as a mental health assessment from me to ensure your safety and determine your fit for ketamine treatment. If you are a good candidate, the three of us will all discuss your goals and develop a treatment plan aligned with your needs and our expertise with ketamine treatment. After your treatment has concluded, I offer ongoing care if there is a need and desire.

What does a ketamine assisted therapy session look like?

I reserve three hours for your session as they typically last 2-3 hours depending on the effects of the ketamine, as well as our treatment plan. After self-administering your ketamine in the comfortable space of my office, I support and guide you, where necessary and helpful, through the experience, leaving space for you to explore and process any physical and/or emotional content that arises. When the session ends you may still be under the influence so leaving with a friend or family member is a must. I will follow up with you via phone the next day to provide additional support.

A Transformative Path Of Healing

I know both personally and professionally how healing and transformative ketamine assisted therapy can be. If you’re in Denver, CO or the surrounding area and have questions about this innovative treatment, I invite you to contact me today to schedule an initial consultation. I’m happy to listen to your needs and goals, answer any questions you have and discuss if this form of therapy is right for you.

*Ketamine treatment is not appropriate for those who have vascular disorders, who are currently pregnant, have experienced psychosis or schizophrenia, are currently experiencing mania, or are currently taking benzodiazepines, stimulants, or MAOI’s.