Are You Regularly Stressed, Restless Or Unable To Relax?

  • Are you constantly worried about the future or afraid something will go terribly wrong?
  • Are you consistently frustrated, angry, or annoyed?
  • Do you find yourself avoiding social events because you fear the situation will increase depression and anxiety or cause a panic attack?
  • Do you have unexpected recurrent periods of impending doom, which result in heart palpitations, sweating, shaking, shortness of breath, or choking?

Living with anxiety can be a lonely, exhausting, and often scary experience. Extended periods of severe anxiety can leave you feeling overwhelmed, disconnected, and confused. Anxiety symptoms, such as difficulty sleeping, irritability, rapid heart rate, and sweating may be interfering with your job performance, schoolwork, relationships, and your ability to take good care of yourself. Uncomfortable thoughts and physical sensations may be disrupting every aspect of your life, leaving you craving a healing path to stability and relief.

At Times, We All Experience Anxiety

rose in blue huesAnxiety is our body’s ancient, hardwired response to every perceived threat, no matter how extreme or subtle. Therefore, sometimes, we all experience anxiety. It can manifest as boredom, inability to concentrate, being antsy, or wired. You may find yourself coping with anxiety when faced with a problem at work, meeting a new person, or making an important decision. With the high demands of modern careers, relationships, and responsibilities, it is no wonder anxiety is one of the most commonly diagnosed mental health problems in the United States.

Although our minds and bodies are incredibly resilient, prolonged periods of stress and anxiety can lead to depression, substance abuse, as well as other challenges with your health. The good news is help for anxiety is available. With the support of a skilled and compassionate counselor, you can build the awareness needed to take steps toward resolving sources of anxiety and begin to experience profound relief.

Anxiety Treatment Can Help You Find Balance, Meaning, And Relief

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Anxiety counseling can be very effective in teaching you how to calm your nervous system. The body plays a significant role in how anxiety manifests. Stress occurs when you perceive danger or a threat, and your body responds mentally and physically. Your heart may race, you may begin to sweat, or lose track of where you are. In anxiety therapy sessions, you can learn to ground yourself physically in the moment, and gain access the part of the nervous system that supports your ability to decipher between immediate and less pressing concerns. I can help you improve this skill and navigate, deescalate, and even avoid thoughts, sensations, and emotions that trigger anxiety.

Much of this work focuses on improving your self-awareness. Anxiety disorders often result from (perhaps years of) pent-up beliefs and stories outside of your direct consciousness. Old narratives, thoughts, and emotions can cycle in ways that keep you feeling stuck and unable to feel like yourself. With greater awareness of these sensations and where they stem from, you can then have more choice in how they affect you. As you become more aware of how you move through the world, you will also learn to hold acceptance and compassion for yourself. With my guidance and your ability to build self-awareness, compassion, and acceptance, the possibilities are endless.

Throughout this process, you will never be alone. I will be there to support and encourage your progress every step of the way. My approach is integrative and holistic. Through our sessions together, you will not only acquire effective coping skills, but you’ll learn how to maintain good health via diet, exercise, and other alternative treatments, such as acupuncture, exercise, and massages. Practice is a crucial part of anxiety counseling. Although our time together can be incredibly beneficial, it is equally important for you to practice what you learn outside of our meetings. Just like a sport, foreign language, or acquiring any other skill, mastery takes time and regular practice. With time and practice, your worries about the future can decrease. You can create, build, and learn skillful ways to promote self-care and compassion. You can also flourish in social situations and at work. I, too, have suffered from an anxiety disorder, and understand, both personally and professionally, how overwhelming stress can be. However, with the support and guidance of an experienced therapist, you can become empowered to alleviate discomfort and frustration.

You may still have questions or concerns about anxiety therapy…

I get overwhelmed easily. I’m worried that treatment for anxiety will stress me out even more.

Throughout our work together, we will move at a pace that feels manageable for you. Piece by piece, we will carefully process issues that drive your anxiety, while we cultivate self-compassion, personal development, and healing. Establishing safety and trust is an integral part of this work. I take time to understand your concerns, triggers, and desires within the context of your life, and provide you with practical skills that promote lasting stability and growth.

In anxiety counseling, do we need to bring up uncomfortable, painful memories from the past?

Personally, I do not enjoy revisiting painful parts of my life. I don’t expect you to either. With that being said, past experiences and traumas sometimes play a significant role in how we define ourselves and cope with current struggles. So, while I do not insist you retell the stories from your past, you are certainly welcome to if you feel it’s relevant or necessary. Memories are often a natural part of healing and self-exploration. Expressing feelings and sensations associated with your history can provide rich ground for deep healing.

I’ve heard counseling can be expensive.

Although there is a cost associated with this work, therapy is an investment in your health and wellbeing, and you deserve to be happy and feel good. As a part of my commitment to your happiness, I offer counseling services on a sliding scale, and I am completely transparent about billing and seek to work within your time, resources, and budget.

Furthermore, you are in control of the pace, and our time spent together depends on your personal goals. I regularly check in with you to ask about your progress and make changes as needed. I understand the value of your time and hard earned money. I had to make some difficult decisions when I started working on my own anxiety. The cost and time initially increased my stress levels, but I finally realized a change was necessary if I wanted things to get better. My temporary financial discomfort back then was well worth the many years of relief and happiness following my treatment. Anxiety counseling has profoundly changed my life, and I believe it can change yours as well. When you’re able to pursue new possibilities and go through your days with more ease and calm, you’ll see what I mean.

You Can Experience Relief And Empowerment

If you still have questions or concerns about anxiety counseling or my practice located in Denver, CO, please call 720-295-8553 to set up a complimentary 20-minute consultation. If you’re ready to schedule an appointment, please contact me. I’m happy to discuss how treatment for anxiety can help you.