Do You Have Trouble Concentrating?

  • Do you have trouble managing time?
  • Is staying organized or tidy a struggle?
  • Perhaps you have a tendency to act impulsively or recklessly.
  • Do you find yourself becoming easily irritated or frustrated, even over insignificant incidents?
  • Perhaps you’re impatient or interrupt people during conversations?
  • Do find it impossible to sit still without fidgeting?
  • Do you wish you had a better understanding of your experience and felt more equipped to recognize and regulate signs of ADHD?

Living with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) can be a troubling, disorienting, and confusing experience. ADHD can manifest in many ways. You become frustrated because you’re unable to concentrate or complete important tasks. People around you may have suggested you’re unreliable, difficult, or even lazy, leading to feelings of doubt and inadequacy. These difficulties may cause relationship issues and/or misunderstandings. Things that seem easy to others may feel intolerable to you or bring on intense worry, sadness, or mood swings. ADHD can make maintaining relationships and/or steady employment difficult. Over a lifetime, these kinds of experiences can lead to anxiety, depression, or feelings associated with low self-esteem. Because symptoms in adults can be difficult to detect, you may not realize that many of the problems you face, including staying organized or being on time, relate back to ADHD.

Many People Struggle With ADHD

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If you are recognizing the signs of ADHD/ADD, you are not alone. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, ADHD/ADD affects 11 percent of the population within the United States. ADHD is more common in men and ADD is more common in women. Many aspects of ADHD are positive and conducive to a productive and dynamic life. Your ability to hyper focus may make you an asset to your employer and the people in your life. You may be a dynamic and intensely sensitive, compassionate, and hardworking person; the challenge is learning how to balance the gifts you have with the parts that hold you back. ADHD often fosters creativity and quick thinking, but it can also keep you from achieving your goals, which can lead to anxiety, depression, or poor self-confidence.

While there is evidence to suggest the cause of ADHD/ADD is genetic, there is also research to support that it’s caused by chronic or extreme environmental stressors encountered during infancy and early childhood. The good news is with the assistance of a qualified therapist who specializes in ADHD treatment, you can learn to locate the source that drives your distress and navigate distractions, impulses, and difficulties with greater ease so that you can experience more satisfaction in your everyday life.

ADHD Counseling Can Help You Maintain Balance And Control

In ADHD treatment, it’s not my intention to alter your personality or change who you are in any respect. There is absolutely nothing wrong with you. Many folks with this disorder have above average intelligence and are creative, vibrant people. It’s my aim to provide you with the understanding and tools needed to allow you to harness your unique strengths in ways that serve you both in the short and long term.

In a safe, supportive and empathic environment, you can express your experiences and emotions, and together, we can recognize and explore how ADD uniquely impacts you. During our sessions together, you can learn about how the brain works and how people with ADHD—particularly you —think, act, and feel. You can also learn new skills that allow you to have more agency as you work toward your goals.

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I offer evidence-based practical solutions tailored to your personality, life, wants, and needs. Because I believe that ADHD/ADD is caused by environmental stressors during early childhood, we will work to locate the source of this stress and develop methods to release it and heal. Working at a pace that feels comfortable to you, we will build self-awareness much like you may build a muscle. As you gain a keen sense of yourself– infused with self-acceptance and self-compassion — you can learn to recognize the warning signs of unskillful behavior. When you’re able to identify triggers, you can then incorporate your newly learned ways of addressing challenges, which allow you to lessen and even eliminate frustration and refocus your attention.

With a kind, compassionate, and careful approach, you can gain a new understanding of yourself and how you’re affected by this disorder. I too, have ADHD, so I know, both personally and professionally, the particular challenges associated with it. I also know that living with ADHD/ADD doesn’t have to be so hard. It is possible to harness your extraordinary gifts and experience more ease and control in your day-to-day life.

You may still have questions or concerns about ADHD counseling…

I doubt counseling will help me.

Research suggests ADHD is linked to developmental stressors. Counseling can help you gain an awareness of these stressors and how they affect you, which can help you understand your current challenges more clearly. Throughout this process, you will gain a deeper understanding of your experience with ADHD and how you can cope with and even change the hindering aspects of ADD in order to live a more fulfilling life.

I’ve heard ADHD counseling can be expensive.

I have a client-centered approach, meaning you set the pace of our treatment. You may set short-term goals that can be achieved relatively quickly, or you may want to delve into these issues and find long-term solutions. It’s up to you. I am committed to carefully exploring your unique wants, needs, and therapy goals. I am transparent about payment and offer counseling services on a sliding scale for clients in need. Please don’t let money stand in the way of your ability to live a full, happy life.

Do I need to take ADHD medication?

That is completely up to you. I, myself, do not prescribe medicine. Depending on the severity of your symptoms, in some cases, medication can be very helpful. One of the most important aspects of our work together is finding solutions that work for you. I am trained in a variety of effective methods and am flexible with my approach. I depend on your feedback and make adjustments as needed. We may also explore natural remedies for ADHD, such as diet and exercise. If you decide to try medication, I will support your decision. I’m available to make a referral or work alongside a trusted psychiatrist or physician if need be.

Experience More Ease And Control

If you still have questions or concerns about ADHD counseling or my practice located in Denver, CO, please call 720-295-8553 for a free 20-minute phone consultation. If you’re ready to schedule an appointment, please contact me. I’m happy to discuss how ADHD treatment can help you.